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Planting positive seeds in young minds is RIA JAY’s #1 priority when it comes to children’s books. Delivering powerful messages to children can help mold strong leaders in the future. Our illustrations are fresh, vivid, and uniquely crafted. We’ll work closely with you to create an eye-catching book that conveys a message to make young readers think about how they can change the world. Need help with the content? We can assist with that as well.

Our children’s book services offer:

  • Complete cover design
  • Interior illustrations
  • Layout and formatting
  • Editing assistance
  • ISBN and barcode
  • Copyright page
  • E-book set-up
  • Author copies
  • Back cover copy

Does Your Child Want to Write a Book?

Young authors tug at our heartstrings. Their viewpoints are raw and authentic. They know what other children want to read and their voices need to be heard. With the help of RIA JAY, we can help your child write, publish, and promote their first book. Not only will your child feel accomplished as a young author, but they will be on the road to becoming the young entrepreneur that they are destined to be.

We publish a full range of children’s books. No matter your child’s age, we can help them bring their ideas to life. We publish books for toddler, full-color picture books, ready-to-read books, chapter books, and middle-grade books. We will work with your child’s vision and they will be proud of what they created. The finished product will be colorful and of high quality. They will be amazed by what they accomplished.

RIA JAY is proud to showcase our successful children’s books. Purchase your copy today!

Josh’s excitement soars when his friend, Noah, comes over to play. However, when he witnesses a Black Lives Matter protest on TV, he is confused and scared. He realizes that he and Noah’s friendship is a great example of how people should act regardless of skin color.

A light-hearted, colorful story to explain the heaviness of prejudice and racism affecting today’s society.

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March to the beat of your own drum. Let the music of your heart guide you. Find the melody that inspires change. Move to your own tempo and create a brighter future!

Join Nia in STOMP… MARCH… CRUNCH as she takes to the streets with her parents and others to create a dynamic rhythm— the riveting sounds of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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